World’s Top Five Most Reliable Cars

People like buying and driving cars for different reasons, apart from the obvious need for transportation. Some like the speed that fast cars provide, allowing them to hit the pedal on the highway and get where they’re heading that much faster.

Others prefer a car that provides maximum comfort with leather, heated seats, air conditioners, and a good sound system. But most people always have one aspect in mind when purchasing a new vehicle: reliability.

Reliability is vitally important to the long-term costs of any vehicle: a less reliable car will cost more in maintenance and parts, and may also leave you stranded and possibly missing work. With that in mind, these are the most reliable cars on the market right now.

  1. The Hyundai Elantra 

Hyundai have a reputation for producing cheap and reliable cars that don’t cost a lot of money to maintain. It’s the ultimate car for those that are on a budget, but still want a vehicle that promises value and solid reliability.

Despite its cheap cost and standard performance, it does boast an array of different tech features, which include an 8-inch touch screen, Android Auto compatibility – allowing for Google Maps usage, along with as well as wireless phone charging, although these are all optional upgrades. 

  1. Toyota Prius

The Prius has been around for over a decade, and there are few electric hybrid vehicles that have made as much of an impact around the world, so it definitely has the edge.

And because it’s a Toyota, new owners can expect low repair costs and cheap spares, and thanks to its hybrid engine, mileage is about as low as it gets.

The latest Prius comes with improved batteries, a more efficient engine, and a stiffer platform for increased safety, making it a go-to for anyone wanting a safe car that cuts down on the cost of fuel.

  1. The Audi Q3

Moving into the more expensive range of cars that still guarantee reliability, the Q3 is a first choice. It’s the most reliable entry of all the crossovers, but with the added style, performance, and refinement that comes with any Audi vehicle. It has a 200 HP optional 2.0 litre turbocharged engine for high performance, and front-wheel drive comes standard.

  1. Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner is the most reliable SUV on the market right now, and a great choice if you find yourself heading to the great outdoors on a regular basis.

The 4Runner has become known as a versatile and dependable off-roader, but it’s also capable of a comfortable ride to the shops or for dropping the kids off at school.

  1. Honda Civic Si 

The Civic Si is the perfect blend of practical and performance, and it’s best suited for drivers wanting a fun car that still works well as daily transport.

You can’t go bananas off road in this vehicle but it does offer a great ride. It’s been a staple of the sport compact seen for countless years, and the Si is the redesigned model that was released in 2017.

Thanks to its 205 HP, 1.5-litre engine and its lightweight, it’s the best choice for a reliable car that offers tiptop performance.