Functions of a Regular Vision Exam

A Vision Screener can be the difference between a great vision exam and a dreadful one. While not every person will have the same symptoms, there are certain characteristics that all people with vision problems share. Some of these include dry eyes, blurred vision, eye irritation, and reduced visual acuity.

Dry eyes can occur due to many different things, but the main cause is dryness of the cornea. When the lens of your eye becomes dry, it allows less light into your eyes. This makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on objects clearly and cause blurry vision. Some medications can also cause dry eyes, so if you have been taking medication for an eye problem recently you should call your doctor to see if this has caused the dry eyes.

Eye irritation is another common symptom that can be found on most vision exam reports. Irritation from the eye can be caused by many different factors. If you tend to touch your eyes often or wear contact lenses, you may be more likely to develop irritations. It is best to avoid this behavior and wear glasses or contacts only when necessary.

Reduced visual acuity is another reason that some people fail vision exams. If your vision is not as clear as you would like, you should have a regular vision test. If you have lost your vision, there are some tests that can help determine if your vision has become worse over time, or if it is something that just came up in the past few months.

If you do not notice any of these symptoms, you may want to have a vision check every few months. These tests can be found online and at your local office. The most popular types of vision tests are the Snellen Eye Screener and the Standard Amblyopia Visual Impairement Test. Both of these tests are conducted through special computer software that measures the depth of each eye’s field of vision.

Once you have a routine vision test completed, it is important to keep track of any changes. By keeping an eye exam record, you can easily find out how your vision is improving or worsening.

If you notice that your vision is worse now than it was a few months ago, it is important to get a regular eye exam performed. These tests are very simple and can be done right in the comfort of your home.

The functions of a regular eye exam can help you determine if you need glasses or contacts. Your vision care provider can give you an accurate estimate of how well you are doing and recommend the best course of action.